My Rides

2009 Yamaha WR250R

My motorcycle.  It’s a dual-sport motorcycle, meaning that it’s basically a street legal dirt bike.  This thing is so much fun.  I can commute to work on it, go ride through the mountains on it, and explore trails on it.

Intense Uzzi SL

My mountain bike.  I bought it off of a friend around 2001.  I love this bike.  It’s not a race bike by any means (I’m not a race person by any means, either), but it’s a blast on the trail.  It’s fun blasting past the cross-country/roadie weenies on the downhills (of course, most of them smoke me on the uphills).

Surly Pacer

My road bike.  I’ve bought the frame around 2003 and moved my parts from my old road bike to it.  I used it a lot as a commuter during college.  Now it mostly just gets ridden when I’m too lazy to pack up my mountain bike and head off to the trails.

Previous Rides


  • Mongoose Tequesta – My first “real” mountain bike (not a Wal-Mart bike), and it’s what started it all.  I think my parents donated it to charity.
  • GT Avalanche – Scavenged for parts, ready to be put back together when I want a hardtail again.  It has a “customized” paint job that I did with a few cans of spray paint in high school, but it looks pretty good.
  • Schwinn (BMX racing bike, can’t remember the model) – Many a night was spent at the BMX track and around the neighborhood on this bike during my high school years.  Sold at a garage sale.
  • Mongoose (full suspension Y-frame, can’t remember the model) – Sold to my cousin to be ridden out in Colorado.
  • GT (time trial road bike, can’t remember the model) – My first road bike.  It had lightweight aerodynamic aluminum tubing which meant that it was stiff as ever and you would get blown off the road in a crosswind.  Sold in a bike shop I used to work at.
  • Ellsworth Truth – Sold to some guy over the Internet.  I never felt like I really got along with this bike, although I certainly put a lot of effort into the relationship.
  • GT i-Drive – I cracked the frame on a ride near Fruita, Colorado.  It’s mounted on the wall in my shed.  What an awesome bike though.
  • Specialized Big Hit – Beaten to death on the trail with love.  Snowshoe Mountain made the finishing touches, although the stair gaps and 10 foot drop offs didn’t help.  Almost every part is either warn out, wallowed out, bent, unbent, or hacked together.  We had so much fun together.


  • Suzuki RM125 (1987-1989 model) – This was more my brother’s bike than mine, but we shared it for a short while until I got my first Yamaha.
  • 1999 Yamaha YZ250 – This was a monster of a first motorcycle.  This thing had some amazing power.  After about a year I started feeling pretty confident on it.  I hit a few 40 foot doubles and was beginning to do the whoops on motorcross tracks pretty good before I ended up getting hurt pretty badly from going too slow into the whoops.  (Breaking your ankle does not feel good.)

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